Hi! I’m Saadman Shaid Saad and I am an blogger.I am the person behind this fantastic blog.I live near Dhanmondi in Dhaka,Bangladesh.I am the author and writer of Lyrics Junction.I started this blog in 10th July,2012 for non-commercial and educational use only.I always here to make others life more comfortable and happy.

This blog is particularly dedicated to my beloved mom who sacrificed 19 years from her life for me. Love you mom!

I love songs.I listen songs when I was a little child.So I often search lyrics on web.One day I thought,I can make my own lyrics blog.As I thought,I started to make my own blog.And obviously,I love to work on my blog.Trust me,its enjoyable!

All lyrics provided for educational purposes only.So use it for your own entertainment and other educational purposes.You can find all kinds of lyrics here.You can also search for your favorite song,albums,artists,bands etc.

Why should you visit and come back here?

My blog obviously make you satisfy.This blog can provide all lyrics you want.

You can visit my facebook profile-Saadmanglhs  You can also email me :saadmanslyricsjunction@gmail.com
You can also visit our facebook page-Lyrics junction and don’t forget to hit a like on it.

Enjoy reading……….
Thank You


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