There are so many kids, teens and young writers out there who have a notebook at home filled with stories and poems. But little they get the opportunity to show what they’re competent of.

They want to illustrate the world and most importantly they should illustrate the world. The light inside them is sufficient to fill the humankind and destroy all the darkness. their stories have potential, smoothness, their poems may or may not have faultless rhythm, their writings may be of far above the ground thought or maybe simple but the fact is what they write comes from their heart. Their simplicity makes the best of it. Their creativity can even beat adult writers. Because what they can see, adult people just can’t.

Kids, teens and young stars- they cannot sometimes find their place in the world of adults. Their spirit begins to fade away and we do not want that just because we cannot afford to loose that kind of energy and endeavor.

So, Techkids is here. Young people, if you’re interested in showing your hidden talent and if you would love to have your own name printed in a magazine then join us. it’s a magazine just for you.

Like Us at Facebook – Techkidsbd


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