Genius Next Door Lyrics By Regina Spektor

Some said the local lake had been enchanted
Others said it must have been the weather
The neighbors were trying to keep it quiet
But I swear that I could hear the laughter
So they jokingly nicknamed it the porridge
’cause overnight that lake had turned to thick as butter
But the local kids would still go swimming, drinking
Saying hat to them it doesn’t matter

If you just hold in your breath
Til you come back up in full
Hold in your breath
’til you thought it through, you, fool

The genius next door was busing table
Wiping clean the ketchup labels
Getting high and muttering German fables
Didn’t care as long as he was able
To strip his clothes off by the dumpster
At night while everyone was sleeping
And wade midway into that porridge
Just him and his secret he was keeping


In the morning the film crews start arriving
With donuts, coffee and reporters
The kids are waking up hung over
The neighbors were starting up their cars
The garbage men were emptying the dumpsters
Atheists were praying full of sarcasm
And the genius next door was sleeping
Dreaming that the antidote is orgasm



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